About Us

Cambia is a nonprofit total health solutions company dedicated to transforming the way people experience the health care system.

Only our name is new: We have nearly a century of experience in developing and providing health solutions to serve our members.

Cambia's portfolio of companies spans health care information technology and software development; retail health care; health insurance plans; pharmacy benefit management; life, disability, dental, vision and other lines of protection; alternative solutions to health care access; and free-standing health and wellness solutions.

Cambia companies work to transform health care by:

  • Making health care more affordable and accessible by creating people-focused products and services that deliver superior value and are easy to understand.
  • Increasing consumers' engagement in their health care decisions by providing information and tools that foster and reward relationships with providers that address relative risks, benefits and costs of treatment plans.
  • Offering a diverse range of services and products that not only encourage but confer upon consumers greater power to assume a sense of personal accountability in their overall wellness, the ability to achieve optimal health outcomes and to secure the financial wellbeing of their families.


Nearly a century ago, our roots first took hold as the demand arose for help to pay health care costs.

A hallmark of our company is that we've grown and evolved based on the needs of consumers and the environment, and in our 90+ years, many companies have merged to form the subsidiaries now under the umbrella of Cambia Health Solutions.

With each evolution to meet marketplace demands, we grow stronger. Since 1997, our alliance has been known as The Regence Group, offering smart, stable products and services our customers have come to rely on.

Now, as Cambia Health Solutions, all of our various services and products can reside and grow independently within a holding company that nurtures and fosters a shared vision of what health care could be like, for everyone.

Our new name, Cambia, refers to the growth rings within the trunk of a tree—a very fitting symbol of the "new growth from within" direction of our company. Cambia connects us all through our shared vision of transforming health care.