Leading The Way Through Innovation

America's health care system faces numerous challenges and is undergoing considerable and necessary changes. At Cambia Health Solutions, we invest in and help build companies that will positively drive these changes and the way people experience the health care system. Our vision is to transform health care so that it is both economically sustainable and person-focused.

Our Focus

We are particularly focused on companies that are leading the way in one or more of the following areas:

Retail Enablement

  • Creating and broadly deploying the navigation and decision support tools required to aid consumers in making well-informed choices regarding their health needs and to purchase these services and products on the basis of price, quality and convenience.
  • Building the infrastructure required to facilitate providersí efforts to market their services to and collect compensation from individuals who are paying directly for their own health care needs.

Caregiver Support and Senior Services

  • Helping seniors and the caregivers who support them to better manage the transitions, complexities and stresses associated with aging.
  • Commercializing technology and services that improve quality of life and reduce anxiety while extending independence and vitality for seniors.

Health System and Provider Enablement

  • Enabling provider organizations to better meet expanding consumer needs.
  • Helping providers and health systems succeed as they become increasingly accountable for improving the health of populations, improving the experience of care, and reducing per capita costs of health care.