Health Reform

Federal health care reform is the law of the land, and each state is taking steps to implement the federal law as well as mandate its own reforms.

These laws create opportunities at every level to improve the efficiency, transparency, cost and effectiveness throughout the health care delivery system.

Consumers, patients, doctors, hospitals, insurers: Each element of the health care continuum is called upon to change how we think of and use our resources to both maintain and improve health.

Cambia is poised to create multiple channels to help people benefit from these changes as we work together to implement the many aspects of health system reform.

  • Health Reform Source The Henry J. Kaiser's Health Reform Source is dedicated to informing the general public about health care reform. The site explains changes in the law through timelines, summaries, interactive features and videos.
  • is a federal government website designed to help Americans understand issues regarding their health care.
  • Campaign for an American Solution: The Campaign for an American Solution is a grassroots effort whose mission is to build support for workable health care reform.
  • AMA: Health system reform: News and resources about health care reform from the American Medical Association.
  • A site dedicated to educating consumers about health care costs, the myths and facts behind those costs and much more.