The Cambia Grove

Cambia Grove: Bridging the Gap to Health Care Transformation

“We are excited to take on the large challenges that will advance our vision of a health care system that embraces innovation. Our work is powered by you, the changemaker community, and we can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our shared cause.”

Cambia Grove is a health care innovation center focused on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sectors in communities across the country. Cambia Health Solutions launched Cambia Grove in 2015 to connect like-minded innovators to create solutions that advance Cambia’s Cause to create a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system.

Cambia Grove embodies the creative energy and commitment to work together to develop health care solutions of the future—through competitions, workshops, community meetings and networking events.

The Cambia Grove’s approach can be described simply:

  • Convene, organize and connect communities
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Catalyze innovation

Making health care better for every person takes change on a large scale. And that requires leadership across all 5 Points of Health Care™: patients, payers, providers, policymakers and purchasers. By bringing health care changemakers to the collective table, Cambia Grove is seeding the conversation, problem-solving and innovating to support system-wide transformation.

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