The Cambia Grove

The Cambia Grove: Connecting People, Catalyzing Innovative Ideas

The Cambia Grove offers a community and collaborative space — 9,000 square feet in the heart of Seattle — for the Pacific Northwest’s emerging health care economic cluster. The goal is to make good on the region’s enormous potential to step up and become a national leader in developing transformative, clearly articulated and value-driven solutions that people crave.

"We believe the Pacific NW is well-positioned to be the national market leader for the right kind of health care solutions, those that lower costs and put people first. The Cambia Grove will boost the region's health care sector by creating a collaborative home for institutions and young companies to commingle comfortably"

The 'Third Place' for Seattle Health Care Innovators

The Cambia Grove provides a space where innovators and entrepreneurs can work closely together with regional stakeholders to find solutions to pressing health care challenges. Most importantly, the Cambia Grove belongs to the community. That's why the Cambia Grove uses the term "Third Place" - distinct from those spaces defined exclusively as "home" or "work" - to define what happens within its walls.

The Cambia Grove's purpose is to:

  • Convene, organize and support the community
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Catalyze innovation

How will the Cambia grove convert good ideas to reality? Through collaboration and teamwork. The common focus for the Cambia Grove's work will be the Community Pledge. Visit the Cambia grove to find a community of kindred spirits who share a commitment to change.

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Newcomer of the Year: Cambia Grove

Seattle's tech community is alive and kicking. At the May 7 GeekWire Awards, 13 Seattle-area companies, including the Cambia Grove, were honored as the very best in the Pacific Northwest tech community.
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