Direct Health Solutions

Building a Better Future for Health Care through Innovation and Investment

Our innovative Direct Health Solutions companies are focused on transforming health care to be more economically sustainable and people focused. As an organization we are looking to build upon this framework, nurturing and growing new companies and ventures, and working with entrepreneurs, that are in alignment with our Cause. Cambia's portfolio includes wholly owned companies that we've built from the ground up and direct investment companies that we're helping to nurture and grow. Explore our family of companies or contact us at

Our Direct Health Solutions Companies' Areas of Focus

Caregiver Support and Senior Services

  • Helping seniors and their caregivers manage the transitions, complexities and stresses associated with aging
  • Extending independence and vitality for seniors while reducing anxiety and improving their quality of life

Health System and Provider Enablement

  • Enabling providers to better meet consumer needs
  • Helping providers and health systems improve health and the experience of health care while reducing per capita costs

Retail Enablement

  • Creating and deploying tools required for consumers to make well-informed health care decisions on the basis of price, quality and convenience.
  • Building infrastructure for providers to market services and collect compensation


We are actively recruiting people who know how to cultivate a new way of thinking and share our passion to change the way people experience health care.

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A Portland doctor’s musings about Cambia’s new Muse startup

Our Leadership

Our experienced leadership team is focused on finding, nurturing and empowering innovative health care companies.

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