Cambia Executive Highlights how Artificial Intelligence can Transform Health Care Experience

October 1, 2018

In a recent article in MedTech Outlook, Making Headway for Patient-Centered Care with AI, Cambia’s Dr. Richard Popiel talks about emerging technology and how the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform health care for patients and providers.

“My work at Cambia Health Solutions instilled in me a deep commitment to transform the health care system to work for everyone’s needs. As the transition to patient-centered care permeates the industry, AI is emerging as a valuable, evidence-based approach to optimizing clinical decision making and improving the patient-provider relationship,” says Dr. Popiel, Executive Vice President at Cambia.

Dr. Popiel talks about the benefits of AI, and how it can help to streamline, reduce medication mistakes and generally improve the patient-provider relationship.


“AI’s assistance with clinical decision-making and care administration means less time spent on paperwork and more time listening to and caring for our patients.”

Read more about what Dr. Popiel had to say about the work that Cambia is doing in AI to bolster the patient-provider relationship and make people’s lives easier: MedTech Outlook, Making Headway for Patient-Centered Care with AI