Booting up Collaboration at HealthSparq’s 5th Annual Hackathon

November 15, 2018

Disruptive ideas don’t have to come from the top down. An employee tinkering around in their spare time, or a meeting bridging different disciplines, can be enough to shift perspectives and ignite a new solution.

HealthSparq, a Cambia company, hosted their 5th annual Hackathon in a cross-departmental firestorm of collaboration and creativity. Over 50 employees formed teams around ideas related to coding, prototype development and InVision demos with a common goal: Creating collaborative and actionable solutions.

Hackathon competitions are widely recognized as phenomenal team building events, as innovation and creativity multiplies exponentially with access to an entire organization, instead of a few creative people. Across the span of 72 hours, 27 teams worked around the clock as they developed their software and panel presentation in a showcase of innovation, entrepreneurship and talent. In this short amount of time the hackers proved even minute changes to a workflow can impact efficiency and subsequently the customer experience.

“Innovation can be incremental,” observes HealthSparq’s senior community manager Anna Greene. “Hackathon doesn’t just have to be about some flashy new product, but rather finding new ways to do what we do better.”

Out of the 27 entered projects, the winning team wowed judges with their usability update to HealthSparq’s mock portal. All top five ranking teams took home Amazon gift cards and donated prizes from leadership.

“A lot of ideas came down to internal impact and making things easier for the teams in their day-to-day work,” continues Greene. “A few others introduced new product ideas or client-facing improvements to existing products and services.”

Removing the corporate setting’s performance pressure and boundaries around problem-solving frees up developers to tinker and pursue off-the-wall solutions. Listen for more from Cambia Health Solutions VP of engineering Dan Anolik on The Power of Hackathons in Health Care: HealthChangers Podcast.

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