Cambia Company MedSavvy Empowers Consumers to Make Informed Health Care Decisions

September 25, 2018

Join us in congratulating MedSavvy, a Cambia company, for winning the Portland Business Journal Healthcare Innovation Award!

Since its founding in 2016, MedSavvy has helped countless people feel more empowered in making informed medication decisions alongside their physicians. Powered by a team of licensed pharmacists, MedSavvy gives people access to report-card-style grades, cost information, and more to help them compare their treatment options side-by-side on an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized website. 

Dr. Sean Karbowicz, founder and general manager of MedSavvy, often hears stories of how the service has pulled back the curtain on prescription pricing and clinical evidence.

An Oregon employer using MedSavvy helped a group of employees bring average claim prices down for a high cholesterol medicine from $36.66 to $15.44.

While MedSavvy can help people rein in medication costs, the most vital benefit is empowering people to work alongside their doctor in finding a medication that works for their lifestyle, while confidently advocating for their individual health needs.

Dr. Karbowicz once heard from a woman who believed she was experiencing side effects from her medication, but her concerns were dismissed when she raised them with her doctor. Using MedSavvy, she was able to find that those side effects were associated with her medicine. With that information in hand, she had the confidence to return to her doctor and insist on another review, ultimately switching medications.

“Inertia is a real challenge at a system level and a practice level,” said Dr. Karbowicz. “Populations are made up of individuals, so let’s not lose sight of how to get the information patients need and physicians need at the point of care.”

Cambia is proud to support MedSavvy’s journey towards our mission for a more personalized and sustainable health care system. Dr. Karbowicz first got the idea for MedSavvy when speaking on a health care panel in 2012. An audience member stood up and asked for the same access to medication information that insurers use to determine benefits and covered prescriptions. Dr. Karbowicz then approached Cambia’s Innovation Force with that idea and proposed his solution, leading to its success today.

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