Cambia Grove Leads Discussion on Future of Health Care Innovation for Industry, Providers, Patients

May 22, 2018

By Julie Panek Anderson, Cambia Grove - Assistant Director, Programming

Data transparency, patient access to data, and responsible data use were key tenets of 2018 Health Datapalooza in Washington, DC on April 26-27, 2018. Multiple cross-functional representatives from Cambia Health Solutions attended the jam-packed conference, which was hosted by Academy Health, an organization focused on improving health and health systems through the application of evidence and analytics.  

Emerging Health Innovations

Maura Little, Executive Director of Cambia Grove, played a key role in the International Health Innovation Summit, a pre-conference event led by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). She joined Allan Daisley of Startup Boot Camp in Miami and Chantel Moody of Plug N Play Health in Cleveland for a panel discussion around emerging health innovation ecosystems, moderated by Jennifer Lannon of DotHealth

Maura described the unique nature of the Pacific Northwest, and the many elements of it's geography that make it a bustling hub for health care transformation. Specifically, she explained the healthy “coopetition” that personifies this region, and how it works together to make meaningful change happen. She also explained the work Cambia Grove has underway to further drive innovation by bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sector. 

Beyond Health Care Disruption is Solving the Right Problems

Rob Coppedge, CEO of Echo Health Ventures, participated in a panel discussion around buzzwords in health care, moderated by Charlie Ornstein, Senior Reporter at ProPublica. He was joined by fellow CEOs Leonard D’Avolio of Cyft, Kat Kuzmeskas of SimplyVital Health and Jules Polonetsky of Future of Privacy Forum.

Rob urged the crowd of activated health innovators to leverage the palpable energy in the room to solve “the right problems.” He described the need to make sure health care is driving towards true transformation and moving beyond incremental change.  

These comments reflected yet another common theme at Health Datapalooza, which was an overall emphasis on the need to be smart with the steps taken to innovate, and to leverage data and technology not just as all-encompassing/universal solutions, but as resources to tap into concrete, high-priority questions to answer and practical problems to solve. 

Meaningful Health Care Change Interlocked with Data in Right Hands

As both Maura’s and Rob’s panel topics made clear, Health Datapalooza was more than just a conference surrounding the use, application and analysis of health data. It provided a comprehensive view into the future of health care, and the ways in which data and technology can and should support our path forward. 

There was encouraging consensus around efforts to unleash data into the hands of those who can use it to make meaningful change (see CMS Director Seema Verma’s announcement around unleashing Medicare Advantage data); however, this message was balanced by the simultaneous focus on responsible and appropriate data use. Many speakers echoed variations of the same core message, “it is really about the problems we are trying to solve.”

Cambia Grove Blazing Trail in Health Care Innovation

Cambia’s health innovation hub, Cambia Grove, is focused on catalyzing solutions to system-wide challenges in health care. Cambia Grove’s aim is to pave the way for problem-solving, and see data accessibility as a critical friction point in the innovation process. It's tackling these problems through the inaugural Solution Series, and will leverage the momentum and guidance from Health Datapalooza in these efforts. 

As Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan of Health and Human Services said during his keynote, “Change is possible, change is necessary, change is coming.”