Cambia Helps Veterans Transition Into Civilian Life

October 9, 2017

Before joining Cambia as director of business planning and operations, J Hootman was a lieutenant in the Navy from 1984-2006. His transition from military to civilian life was highlighted recently in G.I. Jobs, a publication that helps veterans find civilian work when their service is completed.

In the article, J discusses his biggest challenge in his transition, the hardest part of his job search, and imparts his best advice for transitioning service members.

“Start at least a year from end of service; don’t wait. Determine what you want to do post-service before trying to land a second career or job. Do your research and start creating a professional civilian network while you’re still on active duty.”

Read the whole article in G.I. Jobs, “Insurance Transition Success” or learn about Cambia’s efforts to support veterans.

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