Cambia Hosting HLTH Twitter Chats about Health Care Innovation

April 4, 2018

As the official social media sponsor of the 2018 HLTH conference, Cambia is hosting a series of Twitter Chats about innovation, technology and problem-solving in health care. Who should join? These conversations are ideal for individuals, companies, and policymakers who are interested in and involved with transforming the health care industry.

We hope you’ll join us using #CambiaChat.

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Stepping Out of the Matrix
Date and Time TBD

#CambiaChat | #HLTH2018

Featured Guests

Mark Ganz, Cambia Health Solutions    


Stepping out of the matrix: leading change instead of resisting it.

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Health Investors Want to Know: What's Missing
April 12, 11-Noon PDT

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Featured Guests

Rob CoppedgeEcho Health Ventures 
Sam BraschKaiser Permanente Ventures
Unity StoakesStartUp Health
Ben AlbertUpFront   


Health investors want to know: what’s missing in health care engagement with members and patients, benefit plan designs, health care delivery experience and in payer/employer support of families of caregivers?


Q1 What do we need to build or offer to improve the health care system and patient experience as a whole?

Q2 What should health plans and health systems do differently?

Q3 How are health care venture capitalists and others truly driving innovation, and what should they be doing differently?

Q4 If the goal is systemic transformation in health care, what innovations does the market really need?

Q5 Who are the new partners that we really should be working with now? What partnerships must you have, if you’re driving innovation?

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Using Disruptive Tech for Good
April 23 | 9-10 AM PDT

#CambiaChat | #HLTH2018

Featured Guests

Laurent RotivalCambia Health Solutions
Chris NicholsonmPulse Mobile
Alexis Gilroy, J.D.Jones Day
Dorit DonovielTranslational Research Institute for Space Health


Using disruptive tech for good: how can disruptive tech revolutionize health care? 


Q1 How can disruptive technology revolutionize health care?

Q2 What do you see as the next big disruption or advancement in health care tech this year?

Q3 There is a long history of companies seeking to disrupt healthcare and limited success stories to date. Why is now the right time for disruptive health tech?

Q4 What are the biggest barriers to disruptive innovation in health care tech? How can we overcome them?

Q5 Are there factors not tech related that are key to finding success in health tech?

Use #CambiaChat to join the conversation on April 23.