Cambia’s Carol Kruse Challenges Health Care Industry to Listen

April 24, 2018

Cambia’s Carol Kruse, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, recently wrote about her desire to challenge the industry to listen to people’s health care experiences. In the Portland Business article, “Health care exec challenges industry to spend a day listening to people”, Carol shares how consumer-centered transformation continues to fuel her.

Last year, Carol attended the first “What’s the Fix” conference, an event focused on people who have taken health care into their own hands; ahead of the second annual “What’s the Fix?” on May 17, 2018, Carol reflects on the value of listening to people and their needs.

“The day was filled with inspiring health care stories from people like Dana Lewis, who built her own artificial pancreas and shared the design so others could build them too.”

One takeaway was that while the health industry is ripe for change and innovation, it’s also risk-averse, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to break through. She encouraged the industry to accept the challenge and to consider risks as part of the growing pains for transformative health care.

As a marketer, Carol connected to the stories of real people navigating the health care system and how they used their barriers to inform their innovation and helped others in the process as well.

“Health care leaders must be open to change and enabling consumers to help lead the transformation – letting their needs and experiences guide us as we focus on innovation that serves people.”

We invite you to read Carol Kruse’s Portland Business Journal article, “Health care exec challenges industry to spend a day listening to people”.