Cambia’s Commitment to a Healthy Environment Builds Healthy Communities

June 26, 2019

Across our family of companies, Cambia works to make the communities in which we live, work and play healthier. We care about promoting sustainable business practices while also empowering employees to create change. 

This commitment includes the implementation of energy reduction tactics and waste reduction initiatives — specifically, supporting a remote workforce and active transportation solutions, composting and recycling processes, and an expansion of electronic resourcing, and reusable water systems. As a result, 30% of Cambia employees work from home, 20% of employees utilize company-subsidized public transit and 30% of the paper used is made of recycled materials.

In addition to Cambia’s support of green practices that reduce our environmental impact, we invest in strategic partnerships that enhance the overall health and well-being of communities. Providing employee time and resources to civic and non-profit organizations like local community gardens and agriculture programs helps build a healthier, more stable environment for the people we serve.

“I have never felt such a strong feeling of gratitude before in my life.”
— Green Urban Lunchbox Recipient following installation of back yard garden by group of Cambia employees

To learn more about our organizational activities to promote sustainability, visit please visit Cambia’s commitment to sustainability and check out the innovative programs and initiatives listed below where we are investing time, talent and financial resources to create strong, vibrant communities.

  • Bike Challenge – a month-long, state-wide competition where Oregon businesses and their bike commuting employees track mileage for prizes and recognition.
  • Green Urban Lunch Box, Back-Farms - a gardening program that utilizes volunteers to build, cultivate, and maintain organic gardens in senior citizens backyards. Each garden is assigned a "Garden Apprentice"; a volunteer who, while caring for the garden, learns how to garden from an expert garden staff. The produce that is grown in each garden is shared between participating senior, garden apprentice, and free senior center farmers markets held at Salt Lake County senior centers.
  • Forterra – an organization that works to bring practical and positive change through land transactions, stewarding land, and engaging communities from the farmland and river canyons of Yakima all the way to the estuaries and forests of the Washington coastline.
  • Northwest Earth Institute, Eco Challenge - a ready-to-use digital platform that offers a unique framework for users to experience “ah-ha” moments that lead to extraordinary environmental and social change.
  • Oregon Environmental Council – a nonprofit that ensures Oregonians live healthier lives because our air, water and land are cleaner; food is more sustainably produced; and the energy and transportation utilized are safer for the environment.
  • The Street Trust – an organization that promotes safe and convenient walking, biking, and transit options in classrooms, on the streets, in city hall and the state legislature 
  • Wasatch Community Gardens ,Green Team Farm Project- a farm-based job training program that provides opportunities for homeless women and single mothers to study organic agriculture techniques while receiving an income and support in accessing long term housing.

How else does Cambia and its employees drive sustainability initiatives? Take a look at the stories listed below: