Cambia's Rob Coppedge Talks Innovation at the GuideWell Insights Lounge at AHIP

June 23, 2016

At last week’s America’s Health Insurance Plans AHIP Institute, Cambia President of Direct Health Solutions Rob Coppedge sat down to chat live at the “GuideWell Insights Lounge.” Rob shared his take on investing in innovative health care, what the Cambia Grove is doing in Seattle, and what captured his attention at this year’s AHIP conference.

“I do not think the problem that we have in health care is the need for more great ideas. I think we have a lot of great ideas in health care,” said Rob. “The challenge is how do you take some of those great ideas and get them to scale with partners that can shorten that innovation cycle from [a long period of time] where a startup can’t survive that long, to six or twelve months. That’s where being able to work with partners makes all the difference in the world.”

Watch the video now to hear more insights from Rob Coppedge at AHIP.

Rob Coppedge - AHIP 2016

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