Diverse Voices: What We Learned from Others in 2018

January 8, 2019

Diversity and inclusion are integral to our ability to grow and thrive, and ultimately deliver on our Cause to create a person-focused health care system. This means hiring people with diverse skillsets and capabilities as well as deepening our relationships in our communities to understand the changing needs of the people we serve.

We’re sharing ten of our favorite stories of what we learned from diverse voices in 2018:

Designing health care around real people’s experiences

At Cambia, an important piece of diversity and inclusion is designing health care around the experiences of real people. Cambia company HealthSparq took that challenge head on with its What’s the Fix conference.

“The event is bringing people with stories that have been kicked out a lot of health care because there hasn't been a solution for them,” said Bryce Olson, a speaker at the 2018 What’s the Fix conference.

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Learning from our communities

Our environments and life circumstances can have a large impact on our health. Considering and understanding these factors is an important part of creating a more personal health care journey.  

In these stories, we learned about unique health care challenges and opportunities for different populations in our communities.

Diversity starts in the workplace

Allowing diverse viewpoints to flourish in the workplace encourages employees to contribute their unique point of view. Cambia’s focus on understanding consumers and its culture of diversity mirrors a belief that there’s always room for one more, explained Chief of Staff Janet Campbell in an interview with PDX Executive Podcast.  

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