ESPN and Coca-Cola Executive Joined the Ranks of Health Care, Gives Straight Talk on What Needs to Change

May 3, 2018

Cambia’s Chief Marketing Officer Carol Kruse held global marketing roles at sexy brands like ESPN and Coca-Cola, so what drove her to health care? For starters, to have a reason to get up every morning that really inspires her, to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Recently Carol was featured in the Portland Business Journal, "Former Coca-Cola, ESPN marketing executive on making the shift to health care with Cambia and in Modern Healthcare, "Putting the consumer experience at the center of health care", where she shares thoughts around how the health care industry can take lessons from other industries on how to transform peoples’ experiences. As Carol said, “Fundamentally, the health care industry is flawed. It was designed to focus on what’s best for the institution, not the individual.” So, she’s working with smart teams at Cambia dedicated to changing that.

“Cambia is really willing to wade into the mucky, muddy emotional side (of health care)… It’s really inspiring.”

Read Carol’s perspectives in the Portland Business Journal: 

And in Modern Healthcare: