Giving Telemedicine a Boost with Tyto Care Technology

September 26, 2016

What if you could get the same benefits of a face-to-face primary care visit in the comfort of your own home? The Wall Street Journal recently reported how this could soon be our reality in the article New Gadgets That Could Give Telemedicine a Boost.

Some doctors have been hesitant to participate in telemedicine in the past because they weren’t able to listen to their patients’ lungs or see their ears and throats. While consumers have long been able to buy medical devices, like stethoscopes, for personal use, using them correctly and relaying the information to doctors has proved problematic. Telehealth experts agree that devices like Tyto, a small hand-held medical device from Cambia portfolio company Tyto Care, will dramatically increase the value of telehealth services.

The gadget bridging the gap between doctor and patient is about the size of a softball with attachments that include: a stethoscope to capture and record a patient’s heartbeat and breath sounds, a built-in camera to view patient’s tonsils and into the ear canal, and a camera that can take high-resolution photos of skin lesions, rashes and moles. All the data can then be shared with a doctor over the internet in real time or stored in a software program for later use.

Instruments like Tyto could be the missing link for people who have yet to use their telehealth benefits, reassuring both doctors and patients that virtual visits can be just as thorough.

Read the full article "New Gadgets That Could Give Telemedicine a Boost" in the Wall Street Journal.