How Events Like SXSW Can Become Your Destination for Innovation

How Events Like SXSW Can Become Your Destination for Innovation
March 7, 2016

In a recent blog post, we shared the news that Ascension Ventures, athenahealth, and Cambia Health Solutions will host a new event, Invest for Health, at SXSW Interactive Festival this March.

Invest for Health is intended to reach entrepreneurs and innovators from outside the industry. The event creators are working to shine a spotlight on pain points plaguing the health care system, explore the intricacies and baggage of health care, and offer practical insights into how innovators can completely redefine the health care experience.

Today in Health Care Inc. Northwest, a Portland Business Journal industry section, Cambia Assistant Director of Strategic Investments Matt Karls shares three tips your organization can use to make a bold move at events like SXSW.

Tip one: Recruit similar organizations with street cred. Taking on an event the size of SXSW can seem unattainable due to resourcing constraints and lack of inside historical knowledge on the event. Bring the idea to like-minded organizations that can complement your organization’s expertise and credibility to help recruit speakers and create momentum.

Read more tips by visiting the full article, “How events like SXSW can become your destination for innovation,” in Health Care Inc. Northwest.