Innovation and Inclusion Intersect at PGE Diversity Summit

April 10, 2015

Bikini. Martin Luther King. Termites. At first glance, what appears to be a random combination doesn’t seem to spark a natural correlation. However, the ideas spawned by each points to the opportunity that exists when innovation and inclusion intersect. In fact, speakers at this year’s PGE Diversity Summit provided dynamic solutions on how every corporation can tap into innovation by employing diversity of thought, perspective, and experience.

Cambia’s commitment to diversity and inclusion continues to transform our workplace culture.  As a proud contributing sponsor of this year’s Summit, we were pleased to see the importance of diversity as a catalyst for innovation take center stage. In its sixth year, the 2015 PGE Diversity Summit emphasized the value of diversity and how truly successful organizations utilize it as a catalyst for workplace innovation. A host of nationally-renowned speakers shared a wide range of expertise around a variety of pertinent topics, including Everyday Bias, Cultural Agility, and Intercultural Inclusion.

During the Summit, PGE’s CEO, Jim Piro discussed why diversity is amongst the core values of his organization. “Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to our business as we strive to innovate and better serve our customers and community,” said Piro.

Cambia was pleased to have five Diversity Ambassadors attend as representatives for the organization. Cambia Ambassadors included Candice Kramer (Ethics & Compliance), Gail Baker (Strategic Communications), Michelle Schwartz (HR), David Weir (Finance), and Sonji Young (HR). Cambia's Michelle Schwartz shared, “This summit is a vital opportunity for Cambia to engage with other thought leaders around components central to our success: people and innovation.”

One great way to join the conversation is to consider reading “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson, one of several resources in Cambia’s growing library of diversity learning tools.  To learn more about the PGE Diversity Summit, feel free to visit PGE’s website.  

Contributed by Sonji Young, Cambia Human Resources

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