Let’s Be Clear About Health Care Costs

Health Sparq
June 8, 2014

The last time you bought something online, I am betting you followed a process that goes something like this: you researched the item, read some reviews (then got a little distracted by the reviews), compared costs, saw what other people bought, compared costs again and then bought the highest-rated, lowest-cost combination you could find. Does that sound about right?

How about the last time you shopped for a doctor? 

Wait a minute. Let’s press the pause button here. Have you shopped for a doctor?

If you’re one of the more than 15.5 million people who are currently covered by a high deductible health care plan, I highly recommend you start. High deductible health plans are the new age. An age where people have to become accountable for what they spend on health care, the same way they are for food, shelter, entertainment, etc. No one can afford the old insurance model anymore.

The easiest way to reduce the amount of money you’re personally paying is to shop for health care services. That’s right, shop. Just like you do for items ranging from blockbuster movies to cars.

Speaking of cars, some health care procedures can cost as much as a car if you aren’t careful. More often than not there is HUGE disparity in costs from treatment to treatment and provider to provider. But unless you shop for your health care services, you can’t know that. So when you are paying for your own health care, don’t you want to know where to get the highest quality at the lowest prices?

That’s the goal of health care transparency: make health care quality and cost easy to understand and helpful for anyone to use.

When done right, health care transparency lets you make the smartest decisions possible for you, your family and your wallet. It’s just like buying something online: you see the real price, the reviews and suggested options that might save you more money or give you a better result. Transparency in health care gives you control.

The country is catching up. For example, the Affordable Care Act tells health plans they have to offer transparency tools and the state of Washington is requiring all health plans to have transparency tools by January 2016.

That’s what we do. HealthSparq makes the best transparency tools out there to help you figure out what it will really cost based on YOUR insurance, lets you see how people rated doctors and services and gives you a place to talk in a community of people who are impacted by the same things you are. Overall, HealthSparq gives you the tools you need to be smarter about your health care.

What makes this possible now is technology and information. We’ve found a way to bring it all together and make it easy, fun and profitable to use.

So, have a headache? GO SHOPPING!

To learn more about health care transparency tools, visit www.HealthSparq.com.

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