Mark Ganz at UW Medicine’s Dean Circle Event Celebrating the Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence

June 8, 2015

Cambia Health Solutions CEO and President, Mark Ganz, spoke alongside Bill Gates Sr. at UW Medicine’s Dean Circle Event on May 26, 2015 in Seattle. At the event, Mark discussed palliative care and its importance as an “extra layer of care that’s personal and relevant to all of us.”

Mark introduced a heartfelt video about the Beaty family whose son was in a near-fatal car accident. After weeks of uncertainty the family had come to terms with the possible loss of their son. The story illustrated how palliative care can provide the empathy and compassion needed for the patient and family to deal with their serious illness or injury. 

Touched by the issue of palliative care himself, Mark noted that it’s our own stories we carry with us, not as CEOs, Presidents or Board members, but as sons, daughters, wives, and husbands which have the most impact because they don’t just live in our minds, they live in our hearts. Cambia Health Foundation has donated over $22 million toward palliative care including a $10 million gift to UW’s Palliative Care Center which will help fund three different palliative programs including education, innovation and leadership in clinical programs.

The Beaty family’s story goes to show that palliative care isn’t about dying, but, as Mark puts it, “is about drawing close with a patient and their family through an unknown journey of sickness or injury; it’s about comfort, it’s about hope, and most importantly it’s about life.”


The World of Palliative Care at UW Medicine from UW Medicine on Vimeo.

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