MedSavvy's Sean Karbowicz Shares Thoughts on Keeping Drug Prices Down

July 21, 2017

MedSavvy’s founder and general manager Sean Karbowicz has been spreading the word about how to get savvy when it comes to medication.

In a Portland Business Journal article “Cambia startup helps consumers get savvy about drugs,” Sean shared MedSavvy’s founding story and evolution, from incubation with Cambia’s Innovation Force, to putting this helpful medication information in the hands of consumers and prescribers. It all began at a health care conference where an audience member prompted Sean’s “lightbulb moment” by expressing how great it would be if they too could have access to the medication efficacy and pricing information used by health plans. From there, the idea grew and developed to the point where MedSavvy was officially launched last March. Fast forward to today, the MedSavvy team has used scientific-based evidence to grade over 1,000 medications covering 100 conditions and has been used by nearly 10,000 users.

In other recent coverage by Healthline, “Speeding up Generic Drug Approvals to Lower Prices,” Sean shares his input on a new policy to expedite FDA review of generic drugs in order to drive down costs. He believes this policy might be a move in the right direction, but explains how we can do even more to achieve a competitive market for generics, such as accelerating the entry of biologics and maintaining healthy competition by drug manufacturers. The goal is to achieve lower cost alternatives for expensive name-brand drugs. With the FDA’s cooperation, these policies just may help.

Read more of the Portland Business Journal interview “Cambia startup helps consumers get savvy about drugs” or read the full Healthline article “Speeding up Generic Drug Approvals to Lower Prices.” To learn more about MedSavvy, one of Cambia’s family of companies, visit

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