Message to Health Care: Think Like a Startup

April 4, 2016

You’re never too old or big to think like a startup. That was the advice one of the biggest organizations in the world gave at last week’s 4th annual OHSU Startup Symposium in Portland, a gathering of more than 250 health and life science innovators.

As the keynote speaker for the event, GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery called his company the “124-year-old startup” – outlining its beginnings as the inventor of the lightbulb to evolving to become a leading global provider of digital health technologies today. Cambia often points to GE as an example of a company that disrupted itself to innovate for consumer needs.

Flannery shared GE’s philosophy of innovation in four simple points:

  1. You’re never too old or too big to think like a startup.

  2. The digital industrial revolution, with data at the center of everything, is radically changing the speed of innovation in health care and every industry in the world.

  3. Things are happening at warp speed with a merger of science and business. Partnerships are critical to evolving or innovating.

  4. In health care, it’s easy to get out of bed and understand why we exist and how we affect people’s lives. People are THE motivation.

The OHSU Startup Symposium keynote was an inspiring forum on multiple fronts, but one theme that was loud and clear was how innovation can be used to solve real health care problems for real people.

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