Must See: Cambia Experts at AHIP Institute Next Week

June 15, 2018

The industry’s premier health care focused event, AHIP 2018 Institute & Expo, will feature Cambia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard PopielMohan Nair, Cambia’s Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, and Senior Vice President Strategic Technology Solutions and Chief Information Officer Laurent Rotival.

Dr. Popiel will speak on the evolution of value-based care, and what needs to change to benefit consumer health cost and quality. Laurent will share how health organizations can drive transformation by embracing retail entrepreneurial best practices, innovation and, most importantly, a singular consumer focus. In fact, Fierce Healthcare previewed Laurent’s presentation, “AHIP 2018: Digital innovation discussions run deep in this year's agenda” for this year’s upcoming conference. Mohan will present more on how optimizing health care data can improve people's health care experiences and outcomes. 

If you’ll be at AHIP next week, we invite you to attend their sessions in person!

For additional information, visit AHIP Institute 2018