Rockin' Our Way to Rio

August 29, 2016

Wellness programs are a point of pride here at Cambia. We host a variety of activities year-round to encourage and incentivize employees to make healthy choices. We recently wrapped up part-two of our Summer Games, “Road to Rio,” an Olympics-themed walking competition. We had more than 250 teams, which varied in size from two to 20 members, compete to see who could take the most steps. 1,600 employees participated, walking their way to almost 300 million total steps over three weeks. The goal of the challenge was to be the team with the highest average of steps per participant. And if the thrill of winning wasn’t enough, to further sweeten the deal, participants were eligible to win gift cards.

The Summer Games are popular among employees. When asked her thoughts about the games, Karen Costello—longtime Summer Games participant—said, “Summer Games is the best Cambia wellness activity. It’s a great way to bring people together from different work groups for a common goal and you burn calories, too. But Summer Games is the most fun when you’re trying to win! This year our team used our Fitbits to stay motivated. The Fitbits helped us encourage each other, use the challenges, be totally wowed (by each other).”

Our top team, TeamOnlyUs, won with a grand total of 1,292,842 steps logged by three team members, which averaged out to an impressive 430,947 steps per team member. The second place team walked 373,853 steps per team meber and the third place team finished with 356,173 steps per participant.

We continue to be blown away by the accomplishments of our employees and look forward to round three of the games.

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