Save Time by Embracing Telehealth

December 15, 2016

Have you ever spent too much time waiting in the doctor’s office? According to Becker’s Hospital Review, Americans spend an average of 19 minutes and 16 seconds waiting to see their doctor. While many are fed up with the long wait times and the hassle of arranging a doctor’s appointment and getting across town to reach it, there’s an alternative.

Brodie Dychinco, Cambia Health Solutions General Manager of Convenient Care was recently featured in Portland Business Journal discussing the growth and benefits of telehealth. In this article, Brodie outlines the fact that back in 2013, 70 percent of physician visits, and 40 percent of hospital ER visits could have been handled by a phone call.

According to a trend watch study conducted by the American Hospital Association:

  • 74 percent of U.S. consumers would use telehealth services
  • 76 percent of patients prioritize access to care over the need for human interactions with their health care providers
  • 70 percent of patients are comfortable communicating with their health care providers via text, email or video, in lieu of seeing them in person
  • 30 percent of patients already use computers or mobile devices to check for medical or diagnostic information.

Brodie admits that these data points may leave you scratching your head and wondering how you’ve never used, or maybe even heard of telehealth before. However, that’s to be expected with something that has experienced massive growth in such a short amount of time. What’s important now is that you educate yourself.

Read the full article “Telehealth’s biggest benefit is saving you time,” by Brodie Dychino in Portland Business Journal.

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