Solving for the Consumer with Reverse Pitch Day®

December 20, 2016

After a trip to the doctor, many people find themselves asking questions like, “I’ve received all this information, now, what do I do with it?”, “Will my caregiver, family member, or specialist be able to access this information" and “How do I navigate this complicated health care system to get well and stay well?” These questions, related to access to care and patient engagement, are just a few of the problems Cambia Grove’s Reverse Pitch Day® is trying to solve. Reverse Pitch Day is a model where rather than startups pitching, industry executives go up on stage to pitch businesses challenges that they hope entrepreneurs can help them solve.

Watch a recent Reverse Pitch Day process with health care innovators and Anchor Partners Regence and UW Medicine:

Reverse Pitch through Elevar and the Cambia Grove

At the most recent Reverse Pitch Day, EvergreenHealth, a Seattle-area hospital health care system, pitched their problem statements to an audience of close to 100 entrepreneurs, startups and health care leaders, soliciting solutions focused on addressing consumer needs. The problem statements posed to the audience were kept open-ended as a way to give the startups lots of leeway for their solution proposals:  

Access to Care - Presenters: Brad Younggren, MD, and Tom Martin

What solutions can EvergreenHealth implement to improve patients’ access to care in all forms, along with efficiencies around patient information, status, and records to enable a more accurate, timely, and safe exchange of information from the provider and the patient?

Patient Engagement - Presenter: Dr. Yung Lee, DO

How can EvergreenHealth increase and improve patients’ ability to engage with the health system between visits, including access to digital resources and create pre/post visit touchpoints between patients and doctors, such that patients feel their care is personalized?

The audience then had a chance to ask questions and clarify the statements and goals described by EvergreenHealth while the presenters were able to emphasize their pain points.

Learn more about Reverse Pitch Day or read about the most recent event.

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