Video Blog: Basefit, a Cambia Company, Helps Malheur County Sheriff’s Department Transform Health and Productivity of Employees

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September 17, 2018

How do you build a healthy, happy, and high-performing workforce? In this video blog, find out how Malheur County Sheriff’s Department improved their team’s performance and resiliency with Basefit, a solution from Cambia designed to improve the productivity of employees.

For Malheur County Sheriff’s Department, investing in their law enforcement personnel and office staff with performance and resilience training proved that a healthy and happy workforce is paramount to providing the best service to their community. The department recognized that the high-stress and high-pressure situations employees faced could easily take a toll on their health and derail how effective they were on the job.

“I didn’t think that I felt bad necessarily before Basefit, but after I’ve done it, I didn’t realize how good I didn’t feel. I do, I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better. If you are looking for a life change, absolutely, I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
—Stephanie Cummings, Basefit Participant, Malheur County Sheriff’s Department

The Sheriff’s Department partnered with their regional health plan through Cambia to identify an innovative solution for key team members who were ready to take a holistic approach to increasing their performance and productivity. That’s when they found Basefit, one of Cambia’s human performance and well-being solutions, that improves the readiness and resiliency of teams, so they can perform under adverse and stressful environments. Basefit is a holistic and personalized solution that focuses on resilience, nutrition, physical fitness, sleep and mindfulness trainings while also building team cohesion and accountability.

In this video, learn from a few of Malheur County’s participants on how Basefit improved their overall performance at home and on the clock and transformed their health and well-being:

About Basefit

Basefit is an innovative human performance and resiliency training solution that is part of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies. Basefit takes a personalized total health approach using evidence-based scientific foundations on resilience, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, and sleep in order to cultivate healthy and high-performing teams. With a proprietary Readiness and Resilience (R2) score, participants are able to track outcomes overtime in the key focus areas for improvement. Basefit works with organizations across industries including corporate clients and public-sector entities such as first responders. For more information, visit