Video Blog: Cambia’s Person-Focused Commitment Highlighted at AHIP’s CXDF

December 20, 2018

Presentations at this year’s AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum (Dec. 10-13, in Nashville), echoed many areas of focus Cambia has been dedicated to for years now: putting the consumer at the center and changing the health care system from a company-directed “here, do this” model, to a “how can we help you navigate this complex system” support system.

Derek Weiss, Cambia’s Deputy CIO and Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, underscored our long-standing commitment to a person-focused health care system in his panel discussion about important work happening with consumer-directed health data exchanges. Co-panelists were Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney, and Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners. Along with Cambia as a founding member, Aneesh and Ryan are key partners of the CARIN Alliance, a bipartisan, multi-sector collaborative with the vision to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their caregivers to easily get, use and share their digital health information when, where and how they want to achieve their goals.

Derek, Aneesh and Ryan highlight their panel discussion and participants’ reactions to the news they shared in this video recap.