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We are building innovative, next-generation solutions that are changing the landscape of health care.

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Cambia's Direct Health Solutions is investing in the future.  

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To serve as a catalyst to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system.

Cambia News

 Strategic Investors: A Digital Health Start-Up's Best Friend?

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Media Takes Note as Launch of the Cambia Grove Ushers in a New Era of Health Care

The Cambia Grove opened its doors for business last week, ushering in a new era of health care innovation in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Health Care Leaders Agree: A Focus on Health Care Transparency Will Improve the Customer Experience

A lively panel discussion at the Health Care of the Future event in Seattle focused on health care transparency, quality, and cost. 


Modern Healthcare Q&A with Cambia’s Mark Ganz

In a new interview in Modern Healthcare with Cambia President and CEO Mark Ganz, Mark asks readers to “imagine if health care were priced to consumers.”

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LifeMap and Wildflower Health Team Up to Offer Financial Wellness Advice to Expectant Mothers

Two members of the Cambia portfolio, Wildflower Health and LifeMap Assurance Company, recently teamed up to launch the smartphone pregnancy app, LifeMap Due Date Plus, for expectant parents with short term disability coverage.

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