What Do Millennials Want from Health Plans? HealthSparq’s Burt Rosen Gets Answers

October 5, 2017

At the Health Care Consumer Engagement Congress in Boston last month, Burt Rosen, Vice President of Marketing at HealthSparq, hosted a panel of millennials to share their thoughts on what health plans can do to improve the consumer experience for this generation.

The answer was simple. They want fast, clear, and human interactions that are up-to-date with today’s technology.

From the conversation, it was also clear that millennials understand, and are fearful of, the costs of care. One panelist explained the concern very directly, saying “We joke, but it’s not really a joke, that if one of us gets hurt to call an Uber, not an ambulance, because it’s too expensive.”

How can the health care industry better cater to millennials and deliver the information and experience they need to make smart health care decisions? Read Burt’s recap, “Millennials Throw Shade, Offer Savage Tips for Health Plans,” on HealthSparq’s blog to find out.

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