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Transforming Health Care

From (R)evolutionary Roots to Spearheading Change

Meeting the growing and changing needs of consumers is not new to Cambia. The company’s roots go back nearly 100 years to 1917 when health insurance was born in the logging camps and timber mills of the Pacific Northwest. Loggers and their families pooled funds to help each other with medical needs that arose due to injury or illness.

Since then, Cambia and its companies have been on a continuous journey, creating and investing in innovations designed to serve the changing needs of individuals and families in our communities and beyond. This includes nurturing and growing our wide range of companies and investments, as well as providing the best care possible with our Health Insurance Services companies, which insure more than 2 million people in four states.

Our Cause

Ten years ago, our company leaders saw that the health care industry was poised to change dramatically in the future. The Cambia Cause was created: to be a catalyst to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system.

But, our Cause is broader than our company. It’s not about serving ourselves or answering to shareholders; it’s about system transformation and a consumer focus that makes health care more affordable and understandable for individuals and families, and facilitates an economically sustainable relationship between patients and providers. Cambia’s Cause drives our companies and employees every day.


Leading the Way

In 2010 we began to reposition the company by expanding our area of focus, adding retail enablement, provider enablement and senior services to our health insurance core business. We believe this approach will help us to realize our Cause and lead the industry in supporting individual health and better health outcomes.

Cambia Today

Today, Cambia comprises more than 20 companies, all focused on creating a more person-focused and economically sustainable system.

Among our numerous companies and investments, we bring transparency to 70 million consumers in 50 states (HealthSparq); provide a direct-pay health care marketplace for high-deductible health plan members (HealthSparq); and encourage healthy behaviors through a gamification- and technology-driven wellness solution (hubbub).

We have six health plans in four states, providing insurance to more than 2 million people; and we offer best-in-class member satisfaction as measured by Forrester CXi.

Through bold thinking and innovative technology, we are delivering solutions that make quality health care more available, affordable and personally relevant for everyone.


Better Innovation Through Strong Leadership

Meet our experienced leadership team focused on all aspects of our Cause to transform health care and create a person-focused, economically sustainable system.

Corporate Responsibility

Cambia Health Solutions seeks to strengthen the communities in which we live and serve. We accomplish this through community outreach to philanthropic organizations, sustainability in business practices, diversity in hiring, health disparity reduction strategies and the Cambia Health Foundation.

Values and Ethics

Our values guide us in our strategic decision-making and our day-to-day interactions with coworkers, customers, suppliers, sales agents, providers and others we do business with.

Cambia News

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Changing Lives: Economic Impact

Cambia cares deeply about its customers, employees and the communities in which we serve. That includes making a positive economic impact through jobs, local business partnerships and investments that drive a more person-focused, economically sustainable health care system.