About Us

Cambia Health Solutions is dedicated to making the health care experience simpler, better and more affordable for people and their families, including the 3.3 million people we serve through our regional health plans.

Cambia is deeply rooted in a 100-year legacy of transforming the industry and the way people experience health care. And we’re committed to delivering a seamless, personalized health care experience for the next 100 years.

Cambia has taken its legacy business and pivoted to meet the needs of today’s health care consumers. Our six regional health plansEcho Health Ventures investment portfolio, strategic philanthropy with the Cambia Health Foundation and Cambia Grove innovation hub are all united by our Cause—to serve as a catalyst to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system.

Cambia COVID-19 Impact Report

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived and spread in the United States, we drew on our legacy to adapt, listen to our stakeholders’ needs and quickly respond. Our goal was to meet people where they were and provide as much certainty as possible during uncertain times.

Changing Lives: Economic Impact

Cambia cares deeply about its customers, employees and the communities in which we serve. That includes making a positive economic impact through jobs, local business partnerships and investments that drive a more person-focused, economically sustainable health care system.

Corporate Responsibility

Cambia Health Solutions seeks to strengthen the communities in which we live and serve. We accomplish this through community outreach to philanthropic organizations, sustainability in business practices, diversity in hiring, health disparity reduction strategies and the Cambia Health Foundation.

Values and Ethics

Our values guide us in our strategic decision-making and our day-to-day interactions with coworkers, customers, suppliers, sales agents, providers and others we do business with.

Company Overview

Learn more about Cambia and our family of companies.

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Better Innovation Through Strong Leadership

Meet our experienced leadership team focused on all aspects of our Cause to transform health care and create a person-focused, economically sustainable system.

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