People are more important than ideas

We catalyze our internal transformation by focusing on inspiring and building skills for our employees rather than isolating research and development (R&D) to a single department. Prioritizing innovation has allowed us to exceed benchmarks for employee engagement in corporate innovation.

Values-based innovation

At Cambia, innovation is a value that is an integral part of our culture and way of thinking. Our approach focuses on translating our Cause into customer solutions and leveraging empathy and human-centered design to ignite the passion of our employees.

Building the future of health care

To achieve our Cause, we must think differently about health care business models and consumer engagement. Cambia’s approach to innovation means fresh thinking to old problems. We understand that health care transformation starts inside our company.


Cambia's Innovation Program was formally launched in 2011, engaging employees through events, challenges, coaching and workshops to inspire innovative ideas and build our innovation skill set. But innovation has lived within Cambia for over 100 years. In the last five years, the award-winning program continues to break records in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Most recently, the Innovation Program was the source of the original idea for MedSavvy, a Cambia company that gives people access to valuable safety and effectiveness data on their prescription drugs.

Cambia's Innovation Program
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Innovation at Cambia June 2019 Results


At Cambia, employees with ideas are called “Igniters.” Over the past seven years, over 2,000 Cambia employees have shared their ideas to transform health care. Some of those become products and businesses, such as MedSavvy, and some have fueled incremental innovation, solving customer-pain points across the organization. Hear from Cambia’s Innovation team, the Innovation Force and employee Igniters on how Cambia is prioritizing solving customer problems and creating space for health care innovation.

The Innovation Force

Cambia’s innovation team, the Innovation Force, (IF) operates like a start-up accelerator within the broader company, accelerating business units and creating new products and businesses. Where we differ from traditional innovation teams is in our focus on engaging employees in innovation, surfacing passions and prioritizing people over ideas for health care innovation.

We set our horizons two to three years down the road to explore the world of what could be. When the team isn’t venturing to build the next generation of health care products, we are partnering with other Cambia teams to tackle their biggest challenges, and working to inspire all employees with the value of innovation.

Cambia’s Chief Innovation Officer and SVP, Mohan Nair

Mohan Nair, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, is a global authority on organizational transformation and corporate innovation. Mohan has shared his philosophy across the globe. Watch his TEDx talk, “Business Transformation: How to Deal with the Unknown Unknowns.”


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