At Cambia Health Solutions, protecting your personal information is paramount. Whether you are a current customer or just visiting this Site, we are as committed to protecting the information you provide through this Web site as we are when you provide it to us over the phone, in person or through the regular mail. However, we recognize, and want you to recognize, that while electronic communications have many benefits, they are not necessarily as secure as other means of communication. Please read the following information carefully to better understand how using this Site affects your privacy.

Security Practices

Cambia attempts to protect online information according to applicable laws and established company security standards and practices. We have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information under our control, and we continually evaluate new technologies for safeguarding your information. However, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of electronic transmissions via the Internet, because they may potentially use unsecured computers and links, and data may be lost or intercepted by unauthorized parties during such transmissions. If you wish to submit personal and/or confidential information via a more secure means of communication, please contact us.

Sensitive information you provide to us online is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is the leading security protocol for data transfer on the Internet. This technology scrambles, or encrypts, your account information as it moves between your PC's browser and Cambia's computer systems. When information is scrambled, or encrypted in this way, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone other than Cambia to read it. This secure session helps protect the safety and confidentiality of your information when you interact with Cambia online.


A cookie is a small text file that the Cambia system sends to your computer to collect information about your activities on this Site, or to make it possible for you to purchase products or services from this Site and to track such purchases. The cookie transmits this information back to this Site each time your browser requests a page from this Site, and the information is stored to help facilitate your use of this Site the next time you visit. In addition to information you provide, Cambia may use cookies or other passive means to collect general information such as: the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet; the IP address of the computer you are using; the browser and operating system you are using; the date and time you access this Site; and the Internet address of the web site from which you linked to this Site.

Cambia uses cookies so you won't have to reenter information each time you visit this Site. If you do not want to receive cookies from this Site, you can set your browser to not accept cookies.

Use of E-Mail

Please use your own best judgment when sending information via the Internet to an e-mail address. E-mail sent via the Internet may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure e-mail transmissions while others have not, thereby compromising the privacy and integrity of an e-mail. An e-mail may be copied, altered or destroyed. Cambia will respect your request not to be contacted via e-mail.

Once your e-mail is received, Cambia preserves the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address and our response so that so we can efficiently respond to questions you might may have. We also maintain such records in do this order in an effort to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

California Citizen Rights

Individuals who reside in the state of California, a “consumer,” as that term is defined under California law, have additional rights reserved under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Shine the Light law:

  • Protected Health Information Excluded. Any personal information you provide or that we collect in connection with administering or providing your healthcare benefits, or your status as a member of our one of our health plans in connection with your healthcare, will be handled in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Federal Standards, which preempts and is excluded from the requirements of the CCPA.
  • Right to Opt-Out. We do not sell personal information.
  • Right to Request Personal Information. You have the right to request the categories of personal information, as detailed under the CCPA, we have collected and store about you.
  • Right to Delete Personal Information. You have the right to request we delete personal information we, or our service providers, store about you. Please keep in mind our response to such a request may include an explanation of the business purpose under which we may retain your information (for example, we would need to retain copies of a business transaction for financial records) in accordance with the CCPA.
  • Non-Discrimination. If you elect to exercise any rights under this section of our Privacy Statement, we will not discriminate or retaliate against you.

If you are a California consumer and have additional questions based on this section of our Privacy Statement, please use this web form, email us at compliance@cambiahealth.com, or call us toll-free at (877) 878-2273. Also, be sure to check this policy for updates as we will review it at least every 12 months and make updates as necessary.

Identity Verification Requirement. We are required by law to verify that any data access request submitted under the authority of the CCPA was made by someone with the legal right to access the personal information requested. Therefore, prior to accessing or divulging any information pursuant to a data subject access request, under the terms of the CCPA, we may request that you provide us with additional information in order for us to verify your identity and legal authority.

Access Request Responses. Under the CCPA, there may be certain circumstances where we would deny your request to access, receive, or delete personal information we hold. For example, we would deny requests where any such access or disclosure would interfere with our regulatory or legal obligations or where we cannot verify your identity. We also have the ability under the CCPA to deny requests if it would result in our disproportionate cost or effort. However, even where we will not substantively complete a request made under the CCPA, we will still provide a response and explanation to your request within a reasonable time frame and as required by law.

Contact Us. To make a request please contact us at please contact the us at compliance@cambiahealth.com with “CCPA Personal Information Request” in the subject line, and provide us with full details in relation to your request, including your contact information and any other detail you feel is relevant.

Updates to the Statement

Evolving technology will continue to provide Cambia with new and better ways to safeguard your information. We may update this statement in the future to reflect these technological advances, and we encourage you to return to this page from time to time for any updates.

Last Updated: December 31, 2019