Values, Ethics & Compliance

Cambia strives to foster an ethical company culture by continuously asking the key question, “Do our actions reflect our values?” Our values guide us in our strategic decision-making and our day-to-day interactions with coworkers, customers, suppliers, sales agents, providers and others with whom we do business. If you would like to contact us about an ethics or compliance issue, please fill out our reporting form. You can remain anonymous. In 2020 Cambia was recognized for the third year in a row as a World’s Most Ethical Companies, joining 132 honorees worldwide, spanning 21 countries and 51 industries underscoring the company’s commitment to leading with integrity and prioritizing ethical business practices.


Drive new ideas and create positive change.


Act on a deep belief we are a catalyst to transform health care.


Embrace diverse voices, experiences and perspectives to achieve more together.


Deliver on our promises and take responsibility for results.


Treat people the way we would want to be treated.


Act with integrity and ethical clarity.


Reach beyond and move forward when others shy away.


As a tax-paying non-profit, serve a Cause larger than ourselves.

Ethics Officer(s)

Laura Dyer & Kate Leonard
Phone: (888) 384-3577
Fax: (844) 679-7769
E-mail: eco@cambiahealth.com

Compliance Officers

Rosemary Reeve
Chief Compliance Officer
Phone: (801) 333-5984
E-mail: Rosemary.Reeve@cambiahealth.com

Jennifer Del Villar
Medicare Compliance Officer
Phone: (503) 220-6237
E-mail: Jennifer.DelVillar@cambiahealth.com

Deneil Patterson
Compliance Officer
Phone: (503) 225-4914
E-mail: Deneil.Patterson@cambiahealth.com

Policies & Guidelines

Cambia is committed to high standards of business ethics and to complying with all applicable laws. In addition, we take great care in protecting our customers' personally identifiable information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) and complying with government rules and regulations associated with our health insurance business. We expect all of our suppliers to comply with these policies and business standards.

Code of Business Conduct (PDF)