Cambia Solutions

Solutions that Put You at the Center of Health Care

Imagine a world where everything you need is at your fingertips, but never in your way. At Cambia, we’re creating a simpler, more personalized health care experience—with innovative solutions that anticipate your needs and that guide and revolve around you. Learn more about the Cambia family of solutions that are changing experiences for people and families.

  • HealthSparq: HealthSparq helps 91 million people nationwide make smarter health care choices.
  • MedSavvy: MedSavvy makes it easy to compare medication safety, effectiveness and costs with report-card-style grades and stay on top of medications with personalized alerts.
  • Health Plans: Our six regional health plans serve more than 2.6 million members in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. A growing number of value-based care partnerships are helping to lower health care costs for everyone while improving care.
  • BeyondWell: Well-being is easier to achieve—and maintain—with personalized programs that connect to the support, apps and gadgets needed to succeed.
  • LifeMap: LifeMap uses straightforward language and a customizable, intuitive enrollment tool to help make big decisions—on everything from life insurance to a vision plan—simpler.

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