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Solutions That Put You at the Center of Health Care

Imagine a world where everything you need is at your fingertips, but never in your way. At Cambia, we’re creating a simpler, more personalized health care experience—with innovative solutions that anticipate your needs and that guide and revolve around you. Learn more about the Cambia family of solutions that are changing the experience for people and families.

Health Plans

High-Quality, Affordable Health Care for All

We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care to businesses, families and individuals. Through our innovative approach to improving the way people experience health care, we aim to ensure that people have access to the care, resources and tools they need for better health.

Our companies are committed to transforming health care. We have six health plans that operate across Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah — providing insurance to more than three million people with best-in-class member satisfaction as assessed by the Net Promoter Score metric.



Commencement Bay Risk Management Logo

Commencement Bay offers best-in-class stop-loss coverage to self-insured clients in the Northwest. We have a dedicated stop-loss underwriting team and sales force with extensive industry experience to offer the focused attention our clients deserve with the expertise to craft solutions for self-insured employers’ unique needs.

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Well-being is easier to achieve—and maintain—with personalized programs that connect to the support, apps and gadgets needed to succeed.

BeyondWell in Action: Supporting the Next Best Step in a Healthy Life

  • Customized well-being journey based on individual needs and goals
  • Over 50 challenges and self-guided programs to choose from
  • Earn rewards as you engage and meet your goals

Success Snapshot: Government Employee Population

In a 12-month period 50% of participants lowered their blood pressure. 53% engaged with a health coach.

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