Corporate Social Responsibility

What does social impact look like at Cambia?

Substance Abuse & Prevention

Working to address addiction through school and community-based education programs.

Quality of Life for Seniors

Fostering independent-living programs that build support networks and combat social isolation.

Homelessness & Food Insecurity

Addressing homelessness and food insecurity as key determinants of overall health and well-being.

Executive Board
Placement Program

Providing critical intellectual capital and strategic resources that support the work of hundreds of nonprofit organizations.

Skills-based Projects

Leveraging unique skills and talents to strengthen the infrastructure and capacity of nonprofits.


Participating in a variety of nonprofit events and projects throughout their local communities.

Employee giving program

Cambia employees are passionate about giving. During our 2018 internal giving campaign, Cambia employees generated over $2.1 million to nearly 2,800 community organizations.