Lively Reinvents Personal Alarm Service with New Safety Watch; Popular Wearable Now Available in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

June 9, 2015

LONDON -- Lively™ announced today that through strategic partnerships with Appello and Kokomo, its safety watch and smart home product will now be available in the UK and Northern Ireland. Founded in the US in 2012, Lively has been recognised for bringing modern design and features to a product category long overdue for a transformation—redefining what people can expect of a personal alarm wearable. Lively keeps older adults healthy and safer from falls and medical emergencies while simultaneously easing worry and providing peace of mind to family members and loved ones.

Lively 's adoption will be supported by Appello, the largest and most renowned 24/7 emergency alarm monitoring provider in the UK. The company will also provide local customer support as well as market Lively directly. With specialised expertise in the emerging area of connected health, providing advice, support and training to technology multinationals, telecommunications corporations, medical companies and national health authorities, healthcare consultancy Kokomo will also be a reseller of Lively.

'Wearable personal alarm products solve a real pain point for consumers. However, traditional neck-adorned emergency pendants often go unworn because they lack utility beyond emergencies,' says Iggy Fanlo, co-founder and CEO of Lively. 'Compliance with daily use is the biggest oversight with current offerings. Older adults don't like to admit it, and family members have no way of knowing otherwise. We're setting an example as a next-generation wearable that combines style and function that includes missed medication reminders and step-counting to deliver a valuable service that older adults will actually use.'

The UK accounts for one of Europe's largest aging populations, with the number of adults 65 and over expected to grow to more than 20 percent by 2035 (source: Office for National Statistics). Despite advances in digital health, including a 'battle for the wrist' currently happening in the wearable space, only Lively is focusing on an aging population that faces critical long-term care needs with the highest healthcare costs.

'Lively has raised the benchmark for the design of emergency alarms. You benefit from a watch with features that can be used every day whilst also discreetly having the reassurance of an emergency alarm without the stigma sometimes associated with wearing a pendant,' contends Andy Davey, managing director of Appello. 'With Appello's expertise in monitoring working together with Lively, I believe we can enable people to live longer, safer and happier in the comfort of their own home.'

'We are proud to be partnering with Lively, as they set a new standard that brings healthcare costs down and, more importantly, brings peace of mind to older adults and their families,' adds Dr. Malachy J. Rice, principal consultant at Kokomo.

Lively has improved consumer engagement and adherence with the release of its attractively styled personal alarm device, the Lively safety watch, which provides 24/7 help whenever it's needed. In addition to functioning as a watch—with a versatile choice of analog or digital time display and backlighting for easy viewing—the Lively safety watch provides missed-medication alerts, counts steps, is waterproof for use in the shower or bath and uses a long-lasting, replaceable battery that holds a charge for several months.

An in-home cellular-connected hub offers the Lively safety watch 450 meters of range around the home and garden. Lively also functions as a smart home product with passive activity sensors to measure healthy living patterns and alert family members when something may be amiss—like missed meals or decreased physical activity. When a daily routine pattern shifts, Lively notifies a designated circle of family members and caregivers via email or the Lively mobile app.

Lively's friendly design philosophy is well represented by other key features, including:

  • Automatic updates and ease of set up without requiring any computer skill to use the safety watch; plus loved ones can set it up remotely, even if they live far away.
  • Available in up to 10 color variations, or can be switched out to wear with any favorite standard watch band (20mm).
  • Includes passive activity sensors that measure healthy living patterns and give family members insight when something may be amiss. When a daily routine pattern shifts, Lively notifies a designated circle of family members and caregivers via email or Lively's free mobile app.
  • At-a-glance activity updates also can be accessed via a private, secure online login on any computer, tablet or smartphone, or by using the Lively mobile app (iOS and Android supported).

For information regarding where to purchase Lively in the UK and Northern Ireland, go to

About Lively  Lively is the connected home health platform that provides a medical alert device older adults actually want to wear, passive activity sensors to share activities of daily living and an open system to integrate additional FDA-approved and biometric mobile health devices, like glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, inhalers and nebulizers. Lively was founded by Iggy Fanlo, David Glickman and Keith Dutton in the summer of 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco. With backgrounds that include working at some of the world's most innovative consumer product companies, the trio have formed a vibrant team of talented individuals who share a passion for changing the way older adults stay connected for improved quality of life.

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