SpendWell Launches New Online Health Care Marketplace to Large Employer Group

SpendWell Launches New Online Health Care Marketplace to Large Employer Group

SpendWell’s unique online marketplace is now open to Cambia Health Solutions employees and dependents.

February 26, 2015

PORTLAND – SpendWell HealthTM, an online marketplace for health care services, celebrated its launch to its first customer today, opening its doors to Cambia Health Solutions employees and their covered dependents.

SpendWell delivers the next generation of online shopping for health care services, combining real-time price transparency with e-commerce. SpendWell’s unique platform shows actual prices for a variety of routine health care services and allows shoppers to buy those services directly from providers. Integration with the shopper’s insurance plan makes health care as simple as shop, compare and buy.

Through the SpendWell marketplace, employees can search and select providers and services based on cost, quality, location and more. By displaying pricing upfront, SpendWell empowers employees to make more informed decisions and gain greater control over how their health care dollars are spent. A range of services are available for purchase, including primary and urgent care, telehealth visits, lab tests, imaging, complementary and alternative medicine, behavioral health and more.

Cambia employees are the first in the nation to gain access to SpendWell’s platform—giving them the opportunity to shop the marketplace for routine care before anyone else. Their participation also will provide valuable insight to help SpendWell create the best possible experience for other health care consumers. SpendWell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambia Health Solutions.

“As a forward-thinking company, Cambia is dedicated to transforming health care—making it more accessible and affordable for all,” said Dudley Slater, President of Cambia’s Direct Health Solutions. “Our family of companies is constantly developing new tools and services to help support this cause. SpendWell is a perfect demonstration of our innovative approach, and we’re excited that our employees will have the opportunity to help redefine how consumers engage with health care services.”

As high-deductible health plan adoption continues to grow, consumers bear more responsibility for their health care costs. SpendWell is designed to give consumers a way to shop for routine health care services at competitive prices. In addition, it gives employers a tool to help their employees better manage their health care spending, while still receiving quality care.

“In today’s health economy, both employees and employers are looking for ways to better manage their health care costs,” notes Marcee Chmait, President of SpendWell. “Our marketplace helps demystify the costs of health care, so employees can make more informed decisions and employers can minimize their cost-sharing burden. By combining price transparency with an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, we’re providing a smart solution that aligns with consumer expectations.”

SpendWell also offers a unique opportunity to providers, helping them attract new patients while minimizing their financial risk. Since providers in the SpendWell marketplace are paid upfront for their services, they don’t have to worry about submitting claims or chasing down patient bills. Plus, they’ll gain access to new customers, allowing them to boost revenue and expand their practice.

With clear value propositions for employees, employers and providers, SpendWell delivers an innovative solution to common health care challenges—encouraging transparency, improving accessibility and increasing affordability. While SpendWell is currently only available to Cambia Health Solutions employees and their dependents, it soon will be offered to employer groups nationwide. For more information about SpendWell, visit SpendWellHealth.com.