SpendWell Partners with Leading Lab Test and Health Screening Network

SpendWell Partners with Leading Lab Test and Health Screening Network

Ulta Lab Tests’ extensive provider network enables consumers to take control of their health care costs.

February 10, 2015

SpendWell HealthTM, an online marketplace for health care services, has signed an agreement with Ulta Lab Tests®, a nationwide network of affordable, physician-approved laboratory testing services. Through the partnership, Ulta Lab Tests can now expand the reach of its services through SpendWell’s e-commerce platform, helping them reach consumers on high-deductible health plans.

SpendWell is building a nationwide online marketplace to give consumers with high deductibles a way to shop for quality routine health care services at competitive prices. The marketplace gives providers an opportunity to expand their business and treat more cash-pay patients with no financial risk.

“SpendWell’s marketplace platform is an ideal extension for Ulta Lab Tests,” said John Roehm, CEO and co-founder of Ulta Lab Tests. “Their online marketplace provides an easy way for us to attract and service new direct-pay patients by putting clear, real-time pricing in front of customers who are looking to make smarter decisions with their health care dollars.”

As high-deductible health plan adoption continues to grow, consumers bear more responsibility for their health care costs. As a result, employers are exploring benefits like SpendWell to help their employees manage their health care spending, while still receiving quality care.

Ulta Lab Tests’ commitment to providing important health care information directly to consumers aligns perfectly with SpendWell’s core philosophy of eliminating surprises,” said Marcee Chmait, President of SpendWell. “Having Ulta Lab Tests in the SpendWell marketplace creates a one-stop shop for a multitude of lab services, enabling consumers to find quality care efficiently and affordably.”

Shopping with SpendWell is simple. Consumers search for health care providers and services, determine their out-of-pocket costs for services and pay online for selected services prior to their appointment. After the patient’s appointment, providers simply click to verify services and SpendWell releases the patient’s payment.

Beyond lab tests, SpendWell’s marketplace will enable consumers to conveniently shop for a variety of other health care services—including primary care, urgent care, imaging, alternative care, behavioral health and more.

The SpendWell marketplace is expected to will launch in late February. For more information, visit SpendWellHealth.com.