SpendWell Partners with One of the Largest PPO Networks in the US

Competitive Health’s First Access providers gain access to new group of direct-pay patients

September 16, 2014

PORTLAND - SpendWell HealthTM, an online marketplace for health care services, has signed an agreement with Competitive Health’s First Access, a network of more than 400,000 medical professionals nationwide. Through the partnership, providers of the First Access network can now expand their business’ reach through SpendWell’s e-commerce platform to provide cash-based health care services.

SpendWell is building a nationwide online marketplace to give consumers with high deductibles a way to shop for quality routine health care services at competitive and fair prices. The marketplace gives providers an opportunity to expand their business and treat more cash-pay patients with no financial risk.

Competitive Health is devoted to finding unique payment solutions in the health care network space,” notes Kimberly Darling, Competitive Health CEO and founder. Darling continues, “We’re in the middle of transformative changes in the health care market—some good changes, and some changes that will challenge the industry. SpendWell’s online marketplace gives our providers a way to offer their services at clear, real-time pricing and attract patients who are looking for providers who understand their need to be smart with their health care dollars.”

As high-deductible health plan adoption continues, consumers bear more health care cost responsibility. As a result, employers are exploring benefits like SpendWell to help their employees manage their health care spending while still receiving quality care.

“SpendWell offers many benefits to providers, and we’re excited that Competitive Health identified and is partnering with SpendWell to put their providers at the forefront of the market,” said Marcee Chmait, president of SpendWell. “Our online marketplace for health services gives providers a way to speed their revenue cycle management, improve their business operations and grow their business through additional accessibility.”

First Access providers can join the marketplace directly. SpendWell’s onboarding team helps providers curate their services and helps determine competitive market prices so practices can attract direct-pay patients.

Shopping with SpendWell is simple. Consumers search for health care providers and services, see reviews from other patients, determine their out-of-pocket costs for services, and pay online for selected services prior to the appointment. After the patient’s appointment, providers simply click to verify services and SpendWell releases the patient’s payment.

Examples of health care services that will be available on SpendWell include provider office visits, laboratory tests, imaging, outpatient procedures and specialty services from chiropractors and acupuncturists as well as speech, occupational and physical therapists.

SpendWell is currently building its provider base prior to offering the service to employer groups nationwide. The SpendWell service is expected to launch at the end of 2014. For more information about SpendWell, visit SpendWellHealth.com.