Sustainability at Work awards Silver Certification to Cambia Health Solutions

Sustainability at Work awards Silver Certification to Cambia Health Solutions
October 14, 2014

PORTLAND — Cambia Health Solutions has achieved Sustainability at Work’s silver certification in recognition of its leadership helping make Portland one of the cleanest, most sustainable cities in the country. To earn this honor, Cambia completed numerous sustainability actions, which were verified during an onsite visit with Sustainability at Work Advisors.

“Cambia is dedicated to creating a sustainable system for both health care and the environment,” says Jackie Yerby, sustainability program manager at Cambia. “Being good stewards of the environment goes hand-in-hand with being good stewards of our members’ health. It also inspires pride in our employees.”

Cambia’s sustainability program in its Portland office includes a robust bike commute program, subsidized transit passes for employees, a corporate cafeteria operated by Bon Appetit that donates surplus, unsold food to Urban Gleaners, as well as LEED-EB Platinum certification for its 200 Market building.

Sustainability at Work offers comprehensive, free resources and expertise for Portland organizations seeking to create a more sustainable workplace.  These services are tailored to help each business conserve resources, improve efficiency, save money and provide a healthy and quality workspace for employees. To recognize and promote the work of businesses that have taken comprehensive and concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions, Sustainability at Work provides certification that is valid for three years.