Employee Impact: Helping Teens Find Their Career Passion

June 20, 2018

This post is the part of a series that highlights Cambia’s innovative Executive Board Placement program. The program is run by the Corporate Social Responsibility team and the goal is to place senior-level employees at Cambia with nonprofit organizations to serve on their boards. Cambia was founded on the principle of “neighbor helping neighbor” and this program promotes employee volunteerism and helps build healthier communities.  

A few miles south of Portland, Oregon, lies a unique motorsports museum that houses historic race cars, boats, and motorcycles and tells the story of America’s motorsports culture. The World of Speed is an organization that is near and dear to the heart of Dave Loney, Director of IT Operations at Cambia Health Solutions. A self-proclaimed gear-head, Dave joined the board of directors of the World of Speed a few years ago.

Why did you get involved with the World of Speed?

Dave: For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for motorsports. I am fortunate enough to know a few of the people who created the World of Speed (WOS) museum and I was naturally drawn to help the organization. While a museum full of cars excites me, I was more interested in the youth-oriented programs that are offered. In the IT world, we try to be innovative and solve problems, and at the WOS there are plenty of examples of technology breakthroughs for everyone to learn from.

What do you do as a board member?

Dave: I recently became the President of the board so my role has expanded. We review financial reports, provide support for the executive director and the staff, draft policies and help recruit new members and sponsors. The entire board assists with fundraising activities and participates in quarterly meetings where we discuss ways to increase attendance and add innovative programs.

Have there been any projects that you’ve been able to help drive?

Dave: In 2016, the Indy 500 celebrated its 100-year anniversary.  In recognition of this significant milestone, we showcased 33 different Indy 500 cars for visitors to enjoy and experience. What was most exciting to see was entire families learning about cars together. Sometimes it was the parent teaching the kids, and other times I saw kids teaching the parents. I love the fact that the WOS museum serves as a way to connect families. In fact, you can see families connecting every day in the museum as well as at the weekly Cars & Coffee events on Saturday mornings.

Have you seen the impact that the organization’s work is having on the community?

Dave: I have seen a tremendous impact on the local high school community. With budget cuts to school programs like auto shop, many kids who have a passion for cars aren’t given the opportunity to expand their interests or work hands-on with automotive technology. We work with college instructors to run a training program for high school kids where they can earn college credit. On average we have 130 kids a day come into the auto shop to learn about cars.

We also offer summer camp programs that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and other elements of science. The kids get to work with their hands to build things, learn about wind tunnels and gravity, and explore career paths that they otherwise might not be able to learn about.  (Specific information about the education classes and registration can be found at the World of Speed registration page).


What does it mean to have Cambia support your volunteerism?

Dave: I think the board placement program is a win-win. I am very engaged in the WOS and I appreciate the flexibility Cambia offers to allow me to do things like attend board meetings as well as the financial support Cambia provides to sponsor programs like the recent Art Pollard Day event. I feel more connected to the community and spend as much time as I can helping generate interest in the organization.

For more information about the Executive Board Placement program, please contact Alison Arella at (503) 414-7849 or via email at alison.arella@cambiahealth.com.