Lessons from Uganda: Sharing the Value of Experience with the Portland Tech Community

April 15, 2016

Our recent partnership with Medical Team International to build a mobile app for medical reporting continues to educate and inspire well beyond the project scope.  Last month Jason Dempsey, who works in Data Technology here at Cambia, bravely faced an audience of 300 techies at the Alberta Rose Theater to deliver a fast-paced, TED-style talk about “Why you should take your team to Uganda.”

The Technology Association of Oregon hosts a series of events called Ignite that are intended to “enlighten us, but keep it quick,” according to their slogan. The public is welcome to submit talk ideas for Ignite events and those selected then give their five-minute talk with 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. The talks are energetic, entertaining and informative. Jason shared his experience of collaborating with a cross-functional team on a problem afflicting thousands of people halfway across the world. However his biggest takeaway was that you must live your consumers' experience to best develop a solution.  All of their skills and training couldn’t compensate for actually going to the refugee camps in Uganda and experiencing the situation on the ground. To quote Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Watch the video below to see Jason’s full talk from the Ignite stage.

Jason Dempsey -Take your team to Uganda - The importance of experience to understand your customer