Oregon Governor Kate Brown Visits Cambia for Women’s History Month

March 29, 2017

In honor of Women’s History Month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown visited Cambia on March 21 to share her thoughts on leadership, diversity, and the need for more female elected officials. She also shared her own personal journey to becoming the second woman governor in Oregon’s history and one of only four female governors in the United States today.

The event was hosted by the Women's Employee Leadership Lab (WELL), a Cambia employee resource group. Gail Baker, Cambia's Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications, led the discussion.

Governor Brown has built her career on advocating for families and women since her early days as a young attorney practicing family and juvenile law. She told the standing-room-only audience in Portland and online participants that in order to create effective public policy, we need diverse voices at the leadership table.

“We need men, women, people of color and members of the LGBT community in order to reflect the diversity of Oregon and the needs of different communities,” she said.

Brown also encouraged more women to get involved in the political process. “Four women governors across the country is absolutely not enough,” she said. “It’s clear we need more women’s voices at the leadership table.”

Brown, who was inspired and encouraged by Oregon’s first female governor Barbara Roberts, also talked about the importance of mentoring. “I owe it to the next generation to mentor and support young men and women,” she said.

About the Women's Employee Leadership Lab (WELL)

The Women's Employee Leadership Lab (WELL) is a Cambia employee resource group committed to creating a culture that inspires women to develop their leadership abilities, seize growth opportunities and increase their Cambia knowledge for organizational and personal success.