Rob Coppedge on the Future of Health Care Tech Investment

January 31, 2017

In the current political climate, many people are wondering: what does the future hold for health tech investment?

Echo Health Ventures CEO Rob Coppedge predicts that the industry is coming to terms with challenges related to consumer adoption and market disruption. In “Echo Health Ventures Rob Coppedge talks about the coming reckoning to health tech investments” published in TechCrunch, Rob explains that investors and entrepreneurs alike are facing the reality of the work required to successfully create a scalable health solution that truly works for consumers.

He explains, “Many of the tourist investors who’ve been dabbling in health care may say ‘this may be harder than we thought and we may not be able to use the same skills that we use in consumer internet.'”

There is hope, though, for investors who shift their focus from the enterprise to the consumer. In “Where venture capital is flowing in health care” in Axios, Rob shares what he sees as the biggest targets for investment, all three of which are people-centric:

  • Changing where people get their care
  • Financing
  • Personalization

Regardless of what happens in the new health care reform debate, people are always at the center of successful investments. “Given federal health policy uncertainty,” says Rob, “2017 will favor the companies focused on solving consumer pain points plaguing health care, regardless of D.C. regulations.”

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