Legal, Compliance and Ethical Standards

Suppliers must abide by all federal, state and regional regulations that apply to their working relationship with Cambia and associated contractual agreements. For suppliers supporting our government programs, this may include abiding by rules and regulations as set by state or federal agencies in support of Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Employees Program (FEP), and other related programs.

Gifts and Improper Payments

Cambia employees will not accept honorariums, cash equivalents or gifts that influence business decisions. All accepted gifts must be reasonable and moderate in the context in which they are offered, and have a value of less than $200. An improper payment to gain advantage in any situation is never acceptable, and it exposes an individual and Cambia to possible criminal prosecution. Cambia prohibits improper payments, such as bribes or kickbacks, in all business dealings. This same standard applies to any business we might conduct with a foreign entity, even if such payments might be customary or legal in that country.

Accurate Records

Cambia relies on suppliers to make sure that records are true, accurate and complete based on Cambia policy and any applicable contractual, legal and accounting standards. You should create, retain and dispose of Cambia's records only in compliance with the Records Management and Retention policy. You must not withhold information from or mislead or improperly influence Cambia's internal or independent auditors, legal counsel, Ethics and Compliance officers or others acting in a similar capacity on behalf of Cambia.

Violation Reporting

Any supplier that has knowledge of actual or potential violations of applicable laws and regulations, terms and conditions of the supplier agreement, or Code of Business Conduct should call our Ethics and Compliance Resource Line at 1-888-384-3577. Cambia strictly enforces a non-retaliation policy, protecting those who, in good faith, report suspected wrongdoing.

For more information regarding our legal, compliance and ethical standards, refer to our Code of Business Conduct.