Better Innovation through Strong Leadership

Cambia Health Solutions’ forward-thinking, innovative leadership team has a vast amount of experience in the health care industry, coming from a variety of disciplines and organizations across the United States. Together, they focus on the Cambia Cause to transform health care and create a person-focused, economically sustainable system.

The Cambia Leadership Team

Mark B. Ganz

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Ganz is president and chief executive officer of Cambia Health Solutions, a nonprofit total health solutions company dedicated to transforming health care by creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system. Mark is working to champion change, challenging leaders and Cambia employees to focus every decision on consumer needs.

John W. Attey

Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

John provides leadership and strategic direction to the departments responsible for the legal affairs of Cambia and its subsidiary companies, including Blue plans in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. He is the chief legal officer, overseeing the legal functions of the company.  His responsibilities also include privacy, fraud, benefit contracts and records management.

Gail Baker

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications

Gail Baker leads corporate and executive messaging, stakeholder and employee communications, public relations, social media and brand strategy. With a mission-driven, collaborative approach, she drives strategic communications and engagement with key internal and external constituents. She has a track record of measurable results as she supports Cambia’s vision of creating a consumer-centric health care system for all.

Janet Campbell

Vice President and Chief of Staff

Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience spanning business strategy, operations, product and program management, software and technology development and quality engineering methodologies. Throughout her career, Janet has excelled at using proven strategic thinking to restructure programs that improve productivity and measurable outcomes. Janet thrives at managing cross-functional global teams, identifying and executing profitable growth strategies, and developing and deploying new solutions.

Rob Coppedge

CEO, Echo Health Ventures

As CEO of Echo Health Ventures, Rob leads the company's efforts to identify, invest in and grow innovative companies that enable and deliver a transformed experience to health care consumers nationwide. As part of Echo's unique partnership with its parents, Rob works closely with the senior management teams and board of Cambia Health Solutions and Mosaic Health Solutions to support collaboration with Echo's portfolio companies, accelerate Cambia and Mosaic's strategies and more quickly bring health care innovation to national scale.

Dee Cruz

Vice President, Consumer Obsession

Dee Cruz

Dee Cruz fills a role designed to inspire and enable Cambia employees to consistently solve for the consumer by creating systemic change. She acts as a catalyst within the organization, working collaboratively across departments to understand where existing processes or rules get in the way of being responsive and instantaneous in anticipating and meeting consumer needs.

Jennifer Danielson

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy

Jennifer Danielson leads Cambia’s regulatory and legislative strategies at a national and state level, helping Cambia navigate the evolving role of government in the delivery and payment of health care. In a dynamically shifting landscape, her teams work to educate communities about how governmental actions impact consumer-centered health care experiences, articulate Cambia’s point of view on policies that affect our business model, and work collaboratively with partners throughout the company to make Cambia’s voice heard on legislative and policy issues.

Angela Dowling

Chief Revenue Officer

Over the course of her career, Angela Dowling has designed and implemented creative solutions that align business strategies with customers and consumers. As chief revenue officer, Angela drives revenue strategies across brands, products and markets by bringing greater integration and accountability and directing the organization to create better health care experiences for customers and consumers.

Steven Gaspar

Senior Vice President and Chief Actuarial Officer

Steve is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the actuarial, underwriting and healthcare informatics areas of Cambia.

Peggy Maguire

President, Cambia Health Foundation; Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Palliative Care Solutions

As president of Cambia Health Foundation, Peggy works with a wide range of stakeholders to drive health care transformation that results in better experiences for people and families. Under Peggy’s leadership, the Foundation has evolved from a regional grant-making organization to purposeful investor in solutions that advances palliative care leadership, quality, access and understanding through its Sojourns® program, the Foundation’s signature program.

Mohan Nair

Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Mohan guides the Innovation Force (IF) as it inspires ideas from a variety of sources, selecting execution-focused concepts and starting them on the path to new businesses or concepts.

Cheryl Pegus, M.D.

President, Cambia Consumer Health Solutions, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Cheryl Pegus brings broad expertise to the challenge of building a strong health plan while helping Cambia become the transformative health solutions company our Cause demands. She blends end-to-end accountability for Cambia’s consumer health solutions platform with leadership of Cambia’s Health Care Services division, ensuring the long-term alignment of the two functions. As the human services platform leader, she is responsible for growing the business with Sales, overseeing financial performance, continuing focus on consumers and innovation of the product. In leading medical strategy for Cambia’s enterprise and regional health plan business, she oversees medical, pharmacy and network activities, as well as cost stewardship programs; a nationally recognized leader in using data-driven solutions to improve community health by increasing access to services. 

Vince Price

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Vince plays a critical role in ensuring the organization has Cause-consistent investments and financial strategies that achieve targeted returns while also serving the needs of consumers. Vince maintains clear and rigorous performance expectations for Cambia's actuarial, underwriting, finance, accounting, treasury, corporate development, procurement, and real estate and facilities teams as they safeguard the company’s assets, evaluate investments, ensure timeliness and accuracy of financial statements while meeting compliance and reporting requirements. Creating value for our customers and the company is critical to Cambia's investment approach. Vince and his teams create value as key players in pricing, investment decisions, evaluating business and strategic plans, participating in corporate and business development, and engaging in strategic partnerships or acquisitions.

Laurent Rotival

SVP Strategic Technology Solutions, Chief Information Officer

Laurent leads Cambia’s development of next generation technology solutions that will help create a more person-focused approach to health care. Laurent brings 25 years of senior leadership experience in IT business strategy and growth from some of the most well-known global brands and Fortune 10 companies. He also provides strategic direction for information technology services to ensure day-to-day operations align with Cambia’s transformation from a traditional health plan to a consumer-centric total health solutions company.

Faraz Shafiq

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Faraz Shafiq leads data science and artificial intelligence efforts at Cambia. He is responsible for building the A.I. team to grow competitive advantage, capture significant savings and vastly improve consumer experience. Through big data, data science, and artificial intelligence, Cambia is delivering end-to-end analytics solutions, improving care and creating seamless experiences for our consumers.

Jared L. Short

Chief Operating Officer

Jared leads the accelerated pace of innovation and performance across the Cambia organization to ensure consumer focused solutions. As COO, Jared leverages his commitment and insight into consumer needs to execute against the company’s Cause of transforming health care to be person focused and economically sustainable. 

Mark Stimpson

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Mark provides leadership and strategic direction for all aspects of Human Resources and Disaster Management teams.