Person-Focused Care

For nearly a decade, Cambia Health Solutions has been significantly invested in advancing access, awareness and quality of palliative care across the nation.

Photo: UW Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence

Why is Palliative Care Person-focused?

Patient & Loved Ones

Palliative Care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses, with a focus on providing symptom relief and improving quality of life for the patient and family.

People and their families in these situations deserve to have access to the most compassionate and personalized care our industry can offer them. Palliative care can fill this need, leading to better quality of life for patients, reduced stress for loved ones and a feeling of empowerment for everyone involved in this process.

Who it Benefits

Palliative Care: An "extra layer of care that's personal and relevant to all of us."

A heartfelt video about the Beaty family whose son was in a near-fatal car accident. Featured at the Dean Circle Event, celebrating the Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence, this story illustrates how palliative care can provide the empathy and compassion needed for the patient and family to deal with their serious illness or injury.


Cambia Health Foundation honors the 2015 Sojourns Scholars

Cambia Health Foundation recently honored 10 palliative care clinicians as the 2015 Sojourns Scholars, which recognizes individuals who will shape the future of palliative care. The program provides each person with an $180,000 grant to further their palliative care work, whether through research, clinical, educational or policy projects.


Familias en Accion: Support, Hope and Help for Latinos Facing Serious Illness

For a patient who has received a serious medical diagnosis and who also happens to be from a different culture, navigating the situation can be doubly bewildering at a time when decisions are most pressing. Cambia Health Foundation has long supported Familias en Accion, a Portland-based agency helping Latinos find support during times of need.


Transforming the Consumer Experience

Cambia invests in the area of palliative care because people-centric services are necessary to transform the way people experience the health care system.

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Our Foundation

The Cambia Health Foundation dedicates significant resources—including millions of dollars in funding—toward palliative care-focused projects and programs to advance leadership, innovation and quality.

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Our Health Plans

We're not just talking about palliative care and advocating for change. Our regional health plans across four states have developed the most comprehensive palliative care benefit program in the nation.

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Our Solutions

We support next-generation companies that promote independence, quality of life, and preservation of life and care preferences.


Together, we can give seriously ill people and their loved ones access to respectful, compassionate support that is available when they need it most.

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