hubbub Launches New Tobacco Cessation Program

hubbub tobacco cessation

Cessation Program Provides Employees with an Individualized Approach to Quit Smoking

June 8, 2016

hubbub launched an evidence-based ACA compliant tobacco cessation program on June 1, 2016, in addition to its many health and wellness offerings already available to eligible employees on the hubbub platform. This new program, consisting of a set of four components, provides employees with an individualized and effective approach to quit tobacco use.

“hubbub is excited to offer a tobacco cessation program to our clients and their employees,” says Marcie Traylor, hubbub manager of coaching services. “In addition to health plan benefits and workplace tobacco policies, an essential part of a more comprehensive cessation initiative includes cessation programs, such as ours. Through web-based learning and social support, individuals are guided through fundamental, evidence-based tobacco cessation methods, to help them kick their tobacco habit and stay quit. We assist both our clients and their employees to start wherever they are at and provide them with the tools to succeed.”

hubbub’s Tobacco Cessation Program consists of a set of four program components and provides employees with the flexibility of starting with the challenge that best fit their current needs as they embark on the journey to quit smoking. Employees have the option of completing the program components sequentially or repeating any step as necessary on their “quit journey.”  

“Our program was designed to support participants through the many phases of quitting, including relapse,” adds Traylor. Three of the four components focus on helping players get ready to quit by helping them to identify triggers, overcome the urge to use tobacco, and create a quit plan and set a quit date. The fourth component is completed last and allows player to put their quit plan to action while tracking their tobacco free days. Employees earn badges after completing each individual step and receive a Tobacco Free badge upon completing the entire program.

Tobacco cessation programs benefit employers as well. In addition to improved employee productivity, a tobacco-free workplace can positively impact an employer’s bottom line when it comes to health care costs. As part of hubbub’s program, employers have access to an Employer Cessation Toolkit with resources to encourage employee participation, a Company News Page with program information for employees, and an employee aggregate tobacco use report to provide feedback to employees about tobacco health risks or using aggregate information to design comprehensive tobacco initiative and communications.

“hubbub’s new tobacco cessation program provides an even more robust wellness solution for our employer and consultant partners,” says Brian Berchtold, hubbub vice president of sales. “hubbub is leveraging the latest behavior design and technology to engage employees in healthy habits, ultimately saving employers time and money.”

About hubbub

hubbub is a corporate wellness technology company that offers an integrated platform of evidenced-based wellbeing solutions that drive meaningful healthy outcomes. Their software delivers engaging content that cultivates healthy habits at work and at home with focus on one’s physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing.  hubbub’s technology, content and programs meet people where they are in their wellness journey, positively influencing their daily habits and lifestyle. hubbub believes that improved wellbeing translates to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. hubbub is a member of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies.

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